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Castle Dresses was founded in 2020 by Castle alumna Emma Simpson. It is a scheme allowing Castle JCR members to borrow dresses free of charge for events. The inclusive scheme is ever-growing, from an original rack of 10 dresses to the 160+ in the wardrobes today, all under the influence of anonymous google forms ensuring that as many people in as many sizes are catered to as possible.

Dresses are available in a wide range of colours and sizes from 4-22 inclusive and are checked out for large-scale Castle JCR events at shop open days, where they can be tried on in the fabulous Bishops' Suite of Durham Castle (It is said that the late Queen Elizabeth II stayed here on her visits to Durham!). With the addition of the website you're now reading from, we hope that after this test you - as a member of Castle's JCR - will be able to take out a dress at any time for any event by filling in the form on the 'Home' or 'Book Your Dress' pages (on PC) or through the Checkout on mobile!


The only requirement of the scheme is that the dress be washed as per the instructions on its label and returned on the day specified to you by our team. We hope you love our inventory as much as we do and are always open to suggestions of ideas or specific dresses you'd like to see added to the scheme!

Castle Dresses xx

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